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Simple Things

There are few sights as beautiful as a moonless, cloudless sky early in the morning before the sun has burst on to the horizon. Occasionally, if you’re up early enough you will be rewarded with some special sights. This was the case Monday morning around 5:30 as I walked south through a nearby neighborhood. I… Read More »

Getting Through the Pain

Who among us has not dealt with horrible pain or loss? Some seem to have had more than their fair share. Many people grew up in homes where abuse was normal. Some were humiliated as children because of their appearance, their poverty or any number of other things. Though some had wonderful childhoods, their adult… Read More »


In less than two months, we will be going into our Week of Revival. Our “week” actually consists of Sunday morning and evening and three week nights, but we still consider it a week. I have been told through the years by older members of many churches how, “Our revival services used to last two… Read More »

God is Never Fair

Genesis 40 God is Never Fair Joseph finds himself again where he does not want to be: in the prison in Potiphar’s house. Ever been there? Not in Potiphar’s prison, but in a dark place you wanted to escape! Joseph had seen the worst of people in at least two situations and he had not… Read More »

Would you be my Friend?

When most of the people we associate with are those within our Church family, and that is certainly the way it is with me and Beth, it is more difficult to reach people for Christ. Why? Because everybody we personally deal with on a regular basis is already saved! I can invite my church friends… Read More »

I KNOW Who Holds Tomorrow!

One of the songs we love at Wrenn is, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” Many times when we sing, thoughts come to our mind of difficulties and struggles the Lord has brought us through; which is quite appropriate. But our God is always protecting and guiding us! Such has been the case for us and… Read More »

Is Our Phone Our God?

Ring, ring, telephone rings, somebody’s there, In the front row of the church. They just couldn’t turn it off, They didn’t care, Now watch them turn and lurch! I’ve been wonderin’ why you called, Starting to feel like a rubber ball, Bouncin’ round from wall to wall! He’ll stand upon the stand, That old preacher… Read More »

Out of the Routine?

Occasionally we get out of our routine and for that period of time, we feel just a little off! Metaphorically speaking, of course! Such has been the case this past week and a half since we’ve made adjustments regarding bringing our son home. We’re not complaining, mind you! These have been some of the happiest… Read More »

How Far have We Sunk?

Is it me, or has the world turned upside-down? Last week, the Democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, stated it would be OK for a mother to deliver her baby and then decide with her doctor if she wants that baby to live. Her baby would be “kept comfortable,” while the mom discussed the “situation”… Read More »

Taste and See

Psalm 34:8 tells us, “O taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man that trusts in Him!” What a wonderful verse! Taste what God does, Who He is! Taste the joy of His Salvation! Taste the peace He gives that is beyond our comprehension! “O taste and see..!” My Mother used… Read More »