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Attacking the Gates of Hell

In a day when the Gospel is attacked on every side, we, who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, need to get off the defensive, and begin to attack the gates of hell, since when we do, these gates will not be able to defend our onslaught. We can bemoan the demise of Biblical… Read More »

Just Saying Thanks

Well, hello from Wrenn Memorial Baptist Church! It has been a while since our last newsletter, nearly two months! Several people have asked whether they had been removed from the mailing list, but that isn’t the case. We have been remodeling the office area and it required both offices to be emptied for about three… Read More »

Providentially Hindered

Through forty years of ministry this Pastor has heard a lot. Some of it is hilarious and I tend to hold onto those memories for they help me remember that God has a sense of humor. My most recent, memorable humorous encounter took place about three weeks ago. A dear, sweet lady approached me after… Read More »

Being Salt and Light

We find in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount the unique calling for Christians: to be salt and light to a world that is tasteless and dark. Both those things are needed in everyone’s life. If we walk into a darkened room, we immediately begin to search for a light switch. If our food is bland,… Read More »

Here’s to 2021

The following article is going to be very political. However, I have promised to begin a series of messages on What to Expect beginning January 3, 2021. This article is designed to help prepare our Church not only for the messages, but for what obvious trends say will happen in the near future. This article… Read More »

Celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I love that phrase! Happy birthday to Jesus Christ! Now, December 25 might not be His actual birthday; but, then again, it might! We have no idea what the actual date was. Some believe He was born in the Spring, because the shepherds were outside at night with their flocks. But most would… Read More »

Revival in the Last Days

Is it too late for the Church in America to experience Revival? Will there be no moving of God in these Last Days? Scripture says in the Last Days evil mean will grow worse and worse, but does that mean there is no hope of the work of Christ growing and the Gospel expanding? These… Read More »

Heart Pain

Very little has disturbed me as a minister of Jesus Christ, more than what was willingly done by many pastors, and Christian leaders of Christian denominations all over the United States when we were told to protect public health, we must close our church buildings to public worship. All over our nation, churches closed by… Read More »

Focusing on the Blessings

Sometimes we tend to focus on what is negative. It’s easy to do, because we accept unconsciously the good but dread outwardly the bad. When everything is as it should be, we just go along our way but when things turn sour, we can’t stop thinking about how things aren’t how we want them to… Read More »

Never Again

A lot has changed over my thirty-six years in the Ministry but I have never witnessed anything like what has happened over the past nearly three months, when church after church closed their doors. Not because of the leading of the Lord – and I will forever stand by that conviction – not even at… Read More »