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I KNOW Who Holds Tomorrow!

One of the songs we love at Wrenn is, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” Many times when we sing, thoughts come to our mind of difficulties and struggles the Lord has brought us through; which is quite appropriate. But our God is always protecting and guiding us! Such has been the case for us and… Read More »

Is Our Phone Our God?

Ring, ring, telephone rings, somebody’s there, In the front row of the church. They just couldn’t turn it off, They didn’t care, Now watch them turn and lurch! I’ve been wonderin’ why you called, Starting to feel like a rubber ball, Bouncin’ round from wall to wall! He’ll stand upon the stand, That old preacher… Read More »

Out of the Routine?

Occasionally we get out of our routine and for that period of time, we feel just a little off! Metaphorically speaking, of course! Such has been the case this past week and a half since we’ve made adjustments regarding bringing our son home. We’re not complaining, mind you! These have been some of the happiest… Read More »

How Far have We Sunk?

Is it me, or has the world turned upside-down? Last week, the Democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, stated it would be OK for a mother to deliver her baby and then decide with her doctor if she wants that baby to live. Her baby would be “kept comfortable,” while the mom discussed the “situation”… Read More »

Taste and See

Psalm 34:8 tells us, “O taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man that trusts in Him!” What a wonderful verse! Taste what God does, Who He is! Taste the joy of His Salvation! Taste the peace He gives that is beyond our comprehension! “O taste and see..!” My Mother used… Read More »

What Time I am Afraid

Y’all probably are aware that I tend to be pretty open about our life and experiences; both the good and the bad. God has given us so much and sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it all. Usually I share the experiences I do as examples of what God has done in our lives, for He has… Read More »

Only One Life

Beth and I have been at Wrenn for a little more than ten years and in that time period, we have experienced much change. No matter what anybody says about fifty being the new forty and so on, something happens to you when you reach the mid-century mark which both of us reached at Wrenn.… Read More »

And I Love It!

One thing you can count on at this time of year is the Pastor writing an article telling how much he loves this time of year! And I do! My love for the fall season goes way back into my childhood, when I knew our family would be getting together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I… Read More »

We Really are Special!

Today is Tuesday, October 16, 2018 and we are entering our third day of Revival services with brother John Anderson. At this writing we must say the services have been extraordinary and the Spirit of God has moved wonderfully among us! Thank you to all who have made these services a priority and for the… Read More »